Sunday, July 11, 2010

First Tomato!

Ah, yes. Despite a cool spring, I tasted my first garden tomato yesterday: a small cherry tomato called a "Super Sweet 100." Not great, but it was the first, so I probably picked it too early.

This year, I decided to plant common commercial varieties as well as heirlooms for a grand "tomato smackdown." I wanted to see how, when grown in the same soil and under the same conditions, the heirlooms really match up.

So, in addition to last year's favorites--Cherokee Purple, Black from Tula, and the Chadwick Cherry--I've planted Early Girl, Better Boy, and Super Sweet 100s, plus some new heirloom varieties--Black Krim and Juane Flamme.

Most of those are coming on fast, so it won't be long until we're in tomato heaven. Bring it on!